Make Good Decisions.

Sometimes in life situations come your way, and when it does, you just have to make good decisions. With that being said, I’ll be moving back to New Orleans soon. It’s kind of a bittersweet moment for me because from here I wanted to move to California. One of the first things I thought about was changing the introduction on my blog as if it was never in the plans, but I’m a human first and for most so there’s no need to cover up my plans when they don’t transpire AT THAT TIME. I have a lot I would like to accomplish in life and at this moment moving back home would be the SMARTEST option for me. This is a sweet moment for me as well because I’m moving back in with my parents and that means FREE RENT! HOME COOKED MEALS! DVR! & MORE CLOSET SPACE…LOL! *Just joking* moving home gives me the clear mindset and freedom that I need to study for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Becoming a lawyer has ALWAYS been a dream of mine. I can still remember being a little girl and people asking “What would you like to become when you grow up” and me responding “A Lawyer.” Since this was my first and only goal for a while, I’m going to do the best I can by turning my dream and something that I’m most passionate about into reality. I’ve learned that life is all about choices and the direction of our lives come down to the choices we choose. Therefore, whatever that choice may be, balance it out so that it works for you! I was thinking about giving up on my blog since I’m not moving to Cali but this has been something I’ve always wanted to do before I decided I wanted to move, so giving up on it is a NO, NO! As people down south would say, “One monkey doesn’t stop a show.” I hope I’ve inspired someone to go after their dreams and realize that it’s okay to have a plan B and C. You only live once so live it by doing what YOU’VE always wanted to do! Take risks, Step out on faith, Laugh, Learn, Be creative, Follow your heart, Fall in love, Make mistakes, Take every opportunity that comes your way, Pray, Plan, Take your time, Invest, Speak up & speak out, Make your own footprints, Respect others, Motivate others, Believe in yourself, Let go, Feed the homeless, Dream, Go after what you want, Say yes & say no, Do what is right, & Volunteer. Whatever you choose to do, do it because you want to, regardless of what others may think or say about you, your happiness is what matters most, and all other things are secondary!!! 😉

♥ I’m home now and loving life!! I arrived on Tuesday, had an interview on Wednesday and was offered the job on the spot. God is good!! 😉

*Update: In 2016 I moved to Cali for a 1 and 6 months and 6 days. 😉 The best times of my life. I grew mentally + spiritually.

2 thoughts on “Make Good Decisions.”

  1. Great Job Paris… still doing great and following those dreams!!!! Your page looks wonderful, some of these pics are to die for… So beautiful!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. More power to you Paris. I remember when I first met you and you worked in Body Shop (Oakwood), I was like, “She got herself together.” You were a glamour girl/cheerleader and I didn't know all of that substance was behind the look. I wound up doing the same thing so many in our society do, group a person in one category not realizing their potential.

    I sure holding high expectations for yourself makes you hold high expectation for those around you. I'm sure a lot of guys are intimidated by you.

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