Wooohooo I’m 23!!

For my 23rd birthday, I wanted to try something new and fresh, something I have never worn before. So, I decided to try a RED LIP! I absolutely loved it!!! It was the best color I could’ve ever played with. Therefore, when I decided the red lip was the color of choice for the night I also decided to paint my nails red. The picture of me in the red robe is when I first tried it on. I immediately called my dad in the room to snap this wonderful moment! ;-). After getting dressed I also had him to take more pictures of me, while my friends called and texted, and me saying “Ok I’m walking out the door” & “Ok I’m on the bridge.” Of course, they didn’t believe me because they know I’m always last minute..haha!! However, I did make it there and we had a FABULOUS time. We talked about our future plans and goals, we laughed, we ate, and we danced the night away…My birthday was awesome, it felt great to be in such good company and just living life while wearing red lipstick!!
♥ Dress- American Apparel, Vintage stockings, Shoes, Accessories & Clutch-Aldo, Jacket- Charlotte Russe

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